Our Golfer’s Terrace (GT); overlooking the finishing holes and the landscape of the golf course, you will definitely experience a friendly and relaxed ambiance.


With a choice of a fully air-conditioned Indoor GT that accommodates 80pax or our Outdoor GT that could accommodate up to 200pax. Both local cuisine and vegetarian dishes are available to your feast. Here the staffs at The Terrace are always on standby to serve golfers rushing for a quick meal before teeing off and for those wishing to relax and unwind after five grueling hours on the fairways and greens.


The atmosphere will be more fascinating when the night emerged and you're in golfer's terrace you will enjoy the beautiful with the widely accepted illuminate lamp light spotlight in which at hole 9 & 18. There your eyes are dazzled with the beauty night and tastes widely atmosphere while enjoying food prepared by experienced chef for more than 20 years in the culinary field.


Mahkota Golf & Country Club has become a favorite with the residents and even among corporates who have found that dining here during lunch is more than just an in-thing – this outlet has a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes of the highest quality.


Operating hours:-

Golfer's Terrace

Monday to Sunday - 7am to 8pm

Call +609-573 9595 ext 206 for reservations